The Team

MM Nanchengwa

Mutinta Michelle Nanchengwa

Lover of words, before anything else, I’m a pent up energy bomb just waiting to explode, and when I do… Love randomness, fan of little tragedies. And, (un)seasoned writer with too many stories, but not enough paper in the world.


Jack Cayren

Jack Chitunda

Ex-illiterate. I may have been really young then but still, it counts. Part time superhero, nerd and the sound of difference. Church boy and know to occasionally get awesome. Also, lover of lemon tea. Organization enthusiast, hoarder and epicure. In no specific order. Should probably add that I’m really into books somewhere……


Ratie Selelo

Just trying to live this thing called life. Sometimes I’m me, other days I’m not, but that’s okay. Drink coffee, for your sake. In love with the moon. Solitude; my favorite place. Eccentric… times. And, I’m me. That’s all that matters.