The Black Mountain

The mist was heavier than usual this morning. And it was extra cold. Most of the miners were gearing up, putting away their tankards of steaming hot tea and stuffing their mouths with as much bread as they could before they went underground. The open pit bunch were a bit more leisurely, rigging up their explosives … Continue reading The Black Mountain

Johnny Kitt Episode 14: Takedown

The sun streamed through the narrow blinds of Bella’s tiny room. It was still weak and cast pink and golden rays around the room. The sunrise, however, did not find Johnny and his companions sleeping. Johnny was pacing nervously around the small room, whilst Bela was curled up in a corner, chewing thoughtfully on her … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 14: Takedown

Missed It

I missed the point Missed it. I was fed the wrong food, The wrong ideas; Twisted pretzels and biscuits so stale, I was in the emotional toilet For days, Weeks, Years even. I missed it. I missed the point. What I started with, What I had was perfect. Working. But a miseducated, Younger version of … Continue reading Missed It

Lost in Hue: The Clandestine World of Tamara Lu

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For the three years that I had been married, I hadn’t visited my wife’s workplace even once, even though it was just fifteen minutes’ drive from Rhodes Park where I worked to the office block next to East Park Mall on Thabo Mbeki Road where she spent most … Continue reading Lost in Hue: The Clandestine World of Tamara Lu

Johnny Kitt Episode 13: Defeat

“Well, isn’t this adorable?” Matthias said cynically. “Big brother comes to save the day.” Johnny narrowed his eyes. “The game is up,” he said icily. Matthias laughed hollowly, “I should be saying that to you.” Before Johnny could ask what Matthias meant, Madge sidled up to him and wrapped her arms around him. “Hey,” Matthias … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 13: Defeat

Addition to my Desk Nursery

Addition to my desk nursery reminds me:   Life can be prickly Yet remains beautiful No matter how much or less Even rose buds have thorns The contrasts of life.... When you are a rose Among the thorns Your beauty may be blind to the thorns No eyes of beauty nor good Exist in its … Continue reading Addition to my Desk Nursery

Mother Said 'Burning Thoughts' doing a piece for the Speak Out Loud Competition. A #PoetWeLove after just one poem!!!

Johnny Kitt Episode 12: Hello, Matthias.

“Madge, get out the car,” Johnny said patiently as he shifted himself behind boxes of explosives and other apparel. “But I wanna come with you guys,” she whined, stamping her foot on the ground impatiently. Johnny climbed out the car, causing boxes to tumble to the ground, much to Takondwa’s annoyance. He stepped over them … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 12: Hello, Matthias.

Johnny Kitt Episode 11: Academia Must Fall

Everyone rushed to Madge’s side. Johnny tried to push past the other three, but each of the three was blocking him. “I need to get to her, this is my fault. This is all my fault,” Johnny sighed, on the verge of tears. “Look,” Ngala said, “who are you, exactly?” Johnny sighed exasperatedly. “Her boyfriend, … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 11: Academia Must Fall

To You……The First Ode to Alexandra M

To the years that have gone and To the years that shall come, To the victories waiting to happen and To the victories already won, To the struggles endured and The hardships persevered, To the challenges that brought promotion and To the mountains that were cleared To the past pitfalls and The present constant rise … Continue reading To You……The First Ode to Alexandra M