I See Green

I See Green Shoulders able to hold up The pressures of this world Boulders that would have crushed me End up as dust Trust me I wouldn't have seen tomorrow But I now see love  I see myself as all I can be I can make it His love goes Hulk for me.   I … Continue reading I See Green

Origins of Woman

Genesis talks from the scripture A verse with number 2 next to it And two more 2s in pair (2:22) Uttering words of formation First the man, then a woman Not made for man, but from man Origins of life....her beginning of life Human anatomy continues the story From the rib bone, she was made … Continue reading Origins of Woman

A Bullet in the Hands of a Child

As a child, I was taught never to hit back, to insult, to degrade…I was vulnerable, lacking understanding of what it meant to be violent. As a child, remembering well, I want to go back and look at the world the same way I looked at it, beautiful in all its ways, peaceful, laughter all … Continue reading A Bullet in the Hands of a Child

He Said He Loved You……

He said he loved you His being was an antonym Everything he did Was opposite his actions Scattered everywhere Like a jigsaw puzzle Amiss like his kiss You could make him a dot (.) and make it stop.   You chose an ellipsis Perhaps to later fill in the gaps With a heroic metaphor but … Continue reading He Said He Loved You……


And when it comes, it's like wildfire; Consuming, spell bounding Inexplicable desire; And when it comes, It comes without consent, Blatantly knocks you off your feet without repent; Digs deep into your soul, and grips Your heart, till the organ swells, Explodes into a mess of abstract art; It keeps you warm, Feeds you, Drives … Continue reading Wildfire

Heaven’s Visiting Hours

If only heaven had visiting hours And RIP, Rest In peace Could be changed to RIP Return if possible I wallow in memories And yearn For conversation I can't earn one cause I don’t qualify Life has disqualified you And wiped you away from its face. I pace in breaths Can't face my fears My … Continue reading Heaven’s Visiting Hours

Missed It

I missed the point Missed it. I was fed the wrong food, The wrong ideas; Twisted pretzels and biscuits so stale, I was in the emotional toilet For days, Weeks, Years even. I missed it. I missed the point. What I started with, What I had was perfect. Working. But a miseducated, Younger version of … Continue reading Missed It

Addition to my Desk Nursery

Addition to my desk nursery reminds me:   Life can be prickly Yet remains beautiful No matter how much or less Even rose buds have thorns The contrasts of life.... When you are a rose Among the thorns Your beauty may be blind to the thorns No eyes of beauty nor good Exist in its … Continue reading Addition to my Desk Nursery

Mother Said

https://www.facebook.com/tolditwrite/videos/vb.1267799493241579/1496163750405151/?type=2&theater 'Burning Thoughts' doing a piece for the Speak Out Loud Competition. A #PoetWeLove after just one poem!!!

To You……The First Ode to Alexandra M

To the years that have gone and To the years that shall come, To the victories waiting to happen and To the victories already won, To the struggles endured and The hardships persevered, To the challenges that brought promotion and To the mountains that were cleared To the past pitfalls and The present constant rise … Continue reading To You……The First Ode to Alexandra M