A Bullet in the Hands of a Child

As a child, I was taught never to hit back, to insult, to degrade…I was vulnerable, lacking understanding of what it meant to be violent.
As a child, remembering well, I want to go back and look at the world the same way I looked at it, beautiful in all its ways, peaceful, laughter all around. It was as if God had made his heaven wherever we set our little eyes….but I grew up; it is as beautiful it is depressing and stressful.
I have seen a child, 10-year-old…carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders….smiling teeth yet with a sadness that pierces the soul and makes you want to rip your heart out because that seems a little less painful.
I hurt because they don’t see the world like I did; instead of love, they’ve known hate, instead of dollies, they’ve had to carry their siblings on their backs, instead of water guns, they have bullets in their hands and they were taught not feel any emotion when they kill. They have forgotten how it feels like to be held without love. They’ve forgotten what it means to be called by name. These…….these are the ones they term the ‘future leaders,’ but what is a future without them? They’ve become men and women before they could make their own otee meals.
The land that our future children borrowed us is in chaos – some are burning while others are being bombed; have we no future plans for them? I’m just a little drop in the ocean right now, I can’t make much of a difference……except allow my heart to bleed like a stream into a river that feeds the ocean of despair.
~Ratie Selelo~

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