He Said He Loved You……

He said he loved you
His being was an antonym
Everything he did
Was opposite his actions
Scattered everywhere
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Amiss like his kiss
You could make him a dot (.)
and make it stop.
You chose an ellipsis
Perhaps to later fill in the gaps
With a heroic metaphor but
All he will ever be
Is a figure of speech
Maybe a punctuation mark
A comma or a semicolon
An exclamation of wonder
But rather a dot (.)
That would put an end to it.
Words are my toys
RIP Karabo
This poem was inspired by Karabo’s story and all the women who endure abuse and keep on applying a comma where a full stop is deserved.
May you gather enough courage to put a stop to it….
Not all men are trash. We teach people how to treat us; when they show you who they are, believe them the first time.

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