And when it comes, it's like wildfire; Consuming, spell bounding Inexplicable desire; And when it comes, It comes without consent, Blatantly knocks you off your feet without repent; Digs deep into your soul, and grips Your heart, till the organ swells, Explodes into a mess of abstract art; It keeps you warm, Feeds you, Drives … Continue reading Wildfire


The Other World In Between

I imagined he would have a face like an angel’s. I thought it would be like looking into a mirror, and seeing my whole self, projected into another human being. I had all these ideas and dreams. I imagined holding your hands, walking down the street, maybe eating an ice cream or perhaps sharing a … Continue reading The Other World In Between


"One of the great joys of life is sailing to the horizon, not with displeasure of the journey there, but with anticipation of what lies beyond." ~unearthed citizen~ [Photo by Joel Hatfield]