Missed It

I missed the point
Missed it.
I was fed the wrong food,
The wrong ideas;
Twisted pretzels and biscuits so stale,
I was in the emotional toilet
For days,
Years even.
I missed it.

I missed the point.
What I started with,
What I had was perfect.
But a miseducated,
Younger version of myself
Let it slip.
Got so caught up in
Trying to do what everyone else,
Lost sheep, were doing
All because I missed the point.
Missed it
Bob was in the building
And he couldn’t fix it.
Will I ever get it right?

I missed the point.
But then again,
Maybe we all did.
Maybe we’re all just
A little too deep for our own good.
Wading through a mess
We created our own selves.
What is life? What is Love?
What is really important
In this planet we call home?
We missed the point.
Missed it.
By a mile.

~unearthed citizen~


[Photo by Thomas Hawk]


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