Addition to my Desk Nursery

Addition to my desk nursery reminds me:
Life can be prickly
Yet remains beautiful
No matter how much or less
Even rose buds have thorns
The contrasts of life….
When you are a rose
Among the thorns
Your beauty may be blind
to the thorns
No eyes of beauty nor good
Exist in its sight
Only sticking arms
Of pricks on the sides of the stem??
With a touch
A jab on the finger tips
Surely a scream
With the utterance of an ‘Ouch!’
Follows..It’s a sting
It knows nothing
But to be prickly
Still, that doesn’t take away
The soft smell on the petals
Nor the eminent sight of beauty
Painted in rose pink??
Even soft cream color??
The color range
Spreads and widens
In finishes of sunny yellow??
And passion red???
A rose among thorns
It’s beauty lies
In the eyes of the beholder
Such is the beauty of Life.
~Lu-on Thought~

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