Johnny Kitt Episode 11: Academia Must Fall

Everyone rushed to Madge’s side. Johnny tried to push past the other three, but each of the three was blocking him.

“I need to get to her, this is my fault. This is all my fault,” Johnny sighed, on the verge of tears.

“Look,” Ngala said, “who are you, exactly?”

Johnny sighed exasperatedly. “Her boyfriend, fiancée… I don’t know. It’s tricky.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously.

Ngala raised her eyebrow. “She could’ve done better,” She muttered.

The muscly guy chuckled and asked what the next move was.

“Her vitals are fine; we just need to take her to the infirmary,” Ngala confirmed after checking her over.

“Tobias, clean up after us; we can’t leave any suspicion for Matthias, and Takondwa, help me carry Madge to the infirmary,” she said, quickly giving orders. Ngala motioned at Johnny, “what exactly is your name again?”


“Okay, I need you to be as incognito and discrete as possible. Let’s go,” Ngala whispered urgently.


The walk to the infirmary was surprisingly quick since darkness had long fallen as they were in the substation.  Ngala was an efficient doctor, attending to Madge with great care, and wasting little time. Johnny had already asked Tobias to get Madge’s car Academia, who agreed begrudgingly, while he kept an eye on Takondwa and Madge, not fully trusting the man.

The three of them sat in the doctor’s office of the infirmary, waiting silently. Ngala had set up a curtain around the bed and kept bustling around Madge as she took samples and did check-ups. Madge had woken up a few minutes after they had actually arrived in the office but Johnny wasn’t allowed to see her. Eventually, she stepped out from beyond the curtain, looking a bit pale and shaken, but she still ad their half smile, while Ngala disappeared out of the room. She crossed the room and hugged Johnny without paying much attention to the other two occupants of the room.

“What do you two want?” Takondwa asked. Even slightly tamed, he still looked like the wild card of the group.

“I wanna find my sister,” Johnny said simply.

“Who’s your sister?” Tobias, piped up, lazily.

“Bella Kitt. I don’t think you actually know her,” Johnny murmured.

“Actually, I’ve heard of her,” Takondwa said. “She inspires me.”

Johnny cocked his head to the side, “inspires you how?” He asked suspiciously.

“When I heard how Matthias is using her for his research, I knew that Academia must fall,” He said. “I am a computer scientist. I used to be in charge of all the systems in this district. I’m sure you noticed that it’s a very technologically advanced place huh?”

Johnny nodded and motioned for Takondwa to go on, as he put his arms around Madge instinctively.

“I started using my job as spyware. The people of academia are under the insane leadership of a man gone blind by power,” He sighed angrily.

“But surely, Matthias can’t be the only person in power? I mean, don’t you need a District commissioner?” Madge said thoughtfully.

“He is the district commissioner,” Tobias said angrily. “So basically we got the scariest, creepiest, and most corrupt guy at the helm of the district.”

“But who even voted for him, though?” Madge said in surprise. “No one seems to like him.”

“Well, the electoral system was compromised,” Takondwa said delicately.

“The system is electronic,” Johnny interjected scathingly.

“I know,” Takondwa said resignedly. “I was fired because I refused to help him rig.”

“So basically, we are a bunch of disgraced academics. Taks was fired for being honest, I was fired for refusing to build more nuclear plants, and they just can’t fire Ngala because she’s the best diagnostician. Trouble is, because of her refusal to use anything zombie related, she is under high surveillance,” Tobias said, lazy as ever. “What’s your story, Johnny?”

“I’m on the run for ‘killing’ the chief of police in Lusaka. Well except the bastard didn’t die. Bella was kidnapped a year ago. I’m sure you guys were aware of this. And here I am to fetch her. I met Madge on the way,” Johnny said.

“So you’re with us,” Takondwa said decisively. “What’s your plan, Kitt?”

With one more heavy sigh, Johnny explained his plan in detail. Taks and Tobias were enthusiastic, nodding here and there, and giving input, and correcting him as they went on. Madge contributed as well, shedding light on all she knew, and making sure they understood some of the more medical terms. Despite the initial hostility, everyone seemed to work well as a team, delegating duties and making sure everyone knew their role. Just as they wrapped up, Ngala returned.

“I have your test results, Madge,” she said loudly. Everyone looked up at her expectantly. Even though they had just met, Johnny could tell she was absolutely livid.

“Well, what’s wrong with me?” Madge asked nervously.

“Hmm, well apart from some slight anemia, which is easily cured,” Ngala gave a dry laugh. “You’re pregnant.”


M. Nanchengwa






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