To You……The First Ode to Alexandra M

To the years that have gone and
To the years that shall come,
To the victories waiting to happen and
To the victories already won,
To the struggles endured and
The hardships persevered,
To the challenges that brought promotion and
To the mountains that were cleared
To the past pitfalls and
The present constant rise
To all of the haters
Who are just fans in disguise
To the memories being made
And to the moments being lived
To the second hand on the wall
Because there’s no time like this
To good friends and good people
To family so precious
To the one who holds it all
Emmanuel, he is with us
To our stories untold
That we’ll write ourselves
Here’s to the future
Filled with prosperity and good health
Here’s to living life
Like there’s nothing to loose
Here’s to leaving a legacy
Here’s to you
~Unearthed Citizen~

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