I am Queen


Consider me dangerous,
I sire metaphors and similes,
A vision of verbal precision,
I am the system that administers poetic justice.
My subjects, spit a verse,
but I weave the entire tapestry of legacies.
My lips are like katana blades so I wield them with authority
Lyrically no samurai scribes can jack my lines like intertwined beanstalks
My crown doesn’t shine,
it smolders and smokes to trap the dungeon dragons I slay in my mind.
We live as kings but walk like queens, My heavy artillery is in the breath I breathe.
The words I speak, the breath that I breathe,
the words i seak that sweep the pathways for my feet to rise and fall as I please.
I rule these lands of reality and make believe.
I am Queen.

By Scarlet Knight.

(www.thenewagreement.wordpress.com, Scarlet Knight.)


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