Johnny Kitt Episode 9: Almost

Academia was far beyond anything Johnny had imagined. Tall imposing gray buildings loomed up before him and Madge, protected by electrified ten-foot-high fences. The voltage was so high that little sparks erupted now and then when dust particles would inadvertently land on the wires. No one could force entry into it and neither could anyone force entry out. Johnny’s heart sank, the Bella he knew would have done anything to escape, or die trying. Johnny’s memory took him back to when he was still a young boy, living in his parents’ house.


“Bella run!” He called out, rushing back to grab his young sister’s hand. She stumbled over a rock and fell. As she fell, her teddy flew out her tiny hands.

Johnny didn’t waste time in picking her up, giving her a quick look over to see if she was hurt. When he was satisfied she was fine, he picked her up, his 13-year-old muscles straining under her weight, and ran towards the house.

“Johnny, my teddy!” She cried. Tears were streaming down her face. She was terrified at what was happening. Johnny himself was scared. It happened too fast. The sky had clouded over, as if it wanted to rain, but he could smell the acrid smoke on the air. Screams and cries rent the air, as the smell of blood and fear permeated the air. Johnny ran on, ignoring Bella’s cries and pushed her into the kitchen. He sat her down in the kitchen and quickly poured her a glass of milk to calm her down.

“Listen, Bella,” he said, smoothing her hair out the way. “Stay here. Right here. I’m going to get Miss Fiona.”

Johnny himself was terrified as he ran out to find the teddy bear. He knew that Bella held it dear. It was the first thing she had ever bought with money she had earned herself. She used to help the neighbors carry their shopping from the stores, and they would each pay her two kwacha. Johnny ran through the garden, trying to find the teddy bear. He found it at the bottom of the garden, close to where the fence had run down. Johnny couldn’t figure out how he got there. he scrambled down the small hill and crawled into the bushes to retrieve the teddy. Suddenly Johnny felt a cold clammy hand grip his ankle and pull him out. Johnny’s scream tore through the air. He closed his eyes and tried to grab the branches of the bush but it was no use. The thing was stronger than him. Johnny’s hands slipped and he could feel the cold hands grab his shoulder, and spin him around.

He was looking into what was left of the eyes of a ‘mature’ zombie.


“Johnny…?” Madge said, cutting across his thoughts. “Were you listening?”

“Huh?” Johnny’s eyes grew wide, as he tried to grasp what Madge had been saying. “Oh yeah, yeah. Definitely.”

She snapped her fingers in front of his face. “How are we getting in?”

Johnny sighed. “As far as I can tell, this place is impenetrable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.”

Madge’s face was stony. As Johnny surveyed the electric fencing, suddenly an idea dawned on him.  Johnny grinned and grabbed Madge’s hands in his.

“Madge, where are the transformers?”

Madge glared at him incredulously. “Johnny, what are you planning?” she said carefully.

“Coco Puff,” he said levelly, “we are going to blow this place up.”


M. Nanchengwa


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