Safely Home and Running Over Night

I lost my mind when she asked if I was okay
Maybe I was okay but it was all blurry
My tears hung on my eyelashes like drapes
In a gothic cathedral but I wasn’t okay it was okay
To tell her that she shouldn’t worry
206 bones with one being snapped before
I needed a cast to put me together but it didn’t work
She just promises to only promise to promise what she can promise
And she just wants to see me hurt
Hit the ground, give me a new shirt
Cut so many times,
I need new friends
I’m going to compliment what she focuses in
Medicine and bible scripture and see that anatomy
Is being made void ’cause her heart gets bigger
And I could even hear her then
When I wanted to call it quits by kicking off my bucket list
Score without musical hits
Without unwrapping my cast
Then finding out that I’m God’s gift
That’s beauty
Without understanding, it is.
Without questioning, we let the feeling live
And you allowed me to live
For that, I say thank you while the sun is in my eyes
The birds sing songs I finished and my heart beats again
To a melody
I respect what I bring to this world
It’s a dope creative smuggle,
Not a creative way to dope
It isn’t a felony
She said that
Without needing to fear
She said that
No matter what happens
For you…I’ll always be there.
Bruce Elekwang
[Photo by Pablo Fernandez]

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