100 is Cliche

Forget growing old together,
I wanna grow up with you.
Learn to pay bills and everything that comes with responsibility.
I wanna sit with you and decide what old tradition to follow,
Which ones to rebel against,
And create some new ones for ourselves.
Forget for better for worse,
I wanna go in for stupid and silly,
For happy and crazy,
For outright dumb
And plain outsmarting each other.
For tag-teams and not-without-you moments.
For knowing everything about you,
And still being fascinated by you.
And then after that, maybe I’ll let us grow old together,
But I’d rather we die
While we’ve still got the good looks – like at ages 98 and 99.
‘Cause a hundred is too cliché.


[Photo by Ana Sofia Guerreirinho]


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