A letter to my family….
Do you remember?
When we were ripped apart
By a closed casket?
As hands formed in prayer
To a God who did not listen?
Do you remember?
How everything we knew
Was buried underneath
Six feet of misunderstood phrases,
Thrown at us through a haze
Of tears and fear?
Do you remember
Anything from before at all,
Or is all that you know
Swallowing a memory?
What happened?
Not what happened to us,
What happened to you?
You. You used to be…
You used to be
An open arm,
A comforting word
But now you are a dagger
A sharpened edge.
I cannot get close anymore
But then I do not want to.
Do you remember?
Because I don’t.


[Photo by Stephan Kleinert]


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