Johnny Kitt Episode 6 Part 3: Everything We Never Knew

The chief of police, Daniel N, was having a heated discussion with a bounty hunter; one who none the less had been Johnny’s classmate. He almost laughed at the irony as he recalled the countless times he’d say “Biggie, you’ll be the death of me.”

Right now, he was slumped against a tree, and Madge’s face loomed before him.

“Who would have known, Madge,” he said softly, “that each time I’m at death’s door, you’d be here.”

Johnny looked up and saw tears streaming down her face.

“Johnny, you’re not going to die.” She said, as she desperately tried to treat the bullet wound, and attend to his opened stab wound. Her hair had fallen out of place, the wispy tendrils whipping around in the evening wind.

Johnny reached up and grabbed her hand. He pulled her down so that his mouth was right next to her ear. He held her hair in his hands, the silkiness of the strands oddly comforting to him.

“Madge, I need to tell you something important,” he whispered, his eyes closed slowly.

“No Johnny, no, just keep quiet. You need to be still…” She leaned forward and placed a finger on his lips.

Johnny laughed and pushed it away gently. “You are so dramatic. I don’t intend on dying anytime soon, Coco Puff.”

Madge, leaned in closer to Johnny, her teardrops falling off her face onto his cheeks.

“So Madge, I have a plan,” Johnny whispered into her ear, uncertainly at first, but encouraged by Madge’s receptive nods and murmurs.

“Hey, lovebirds!” Daniel called out from across the lot.

Madge and Johnny exchanged small smiles and looked back at him.

“Do you have any last words for your new lover, Miss?” He said sadistically to Madge.

“Yes, actually,” Madge said quietly. Her voice cracked slightly, and the tears shone in the setting sun. she looked back at Johnny with a certain tenderness, and Johnny felt his heart expand. “Are you ready?” She asked quietly.

Johnny sat up, gave her a small smile and nodded. With that, they both started screaming at the top of their lungs, a racket that was enough to wake up the dead. Daniel jumped back in shock.

“STOP IT!” He roared in frustration mingled with fear.

It started off as a rushing sound, like a ferocious wind was ripping through the woods. Then they saw them, the remaining zombies, rushing towards them.

Johnny heard Madge give a gasp. He pulled her involuntarily towards her. He heard screams and war whoops and looked up. The security detail, or what was left of them were running after the zombies. Although they had diminished in size, their spirit was not broken. Johnny sighed in relief, though it suddenly turned to horror when he saw one of the larger zombies launch itself at Biggie, sinking its half-rotten teeth into his neck. Biggie screamed and tried to fight the zombie off, yet despite his big frame, the zombie was relentless. With surprising speed and strength, the zombie dragged Biggie away into the woods. Daniel screamed in terror and pulled a shotgun from somewhere on his body.  He didn’t have much control due to the heavy sling he had, and Johnny suddenly noticed, he was even limping a little bit. In his fear, Daniel began firing shots randomly, narrowly missing the guards of the hospice and staggering around from the recoil. Johnny crouched low over Madge, shielding her from the stray bullets. He turned around and saw Daniel stumble from the woods, firing shots at three zombies and killing them. Without wasting much time, he scarpered away into the now darkened sky.

Suddenly, an eerie silence settled over the woods. All of the zombies had either been contained or killed. It ended as abruptly as it started. Madge carefully entangled herself from Johnny and forced him to lay down. His face was ashen and his skin was becoming clammy.

Johnny looked up at Madge, saw her tear stained face glowing eerily in the half light. She gently placed her palm on Johnny’s cheek and the last thing he remembered was the softness of her skin.


M. Nanchengwa


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