100 is Cliche

Forget growing old together, I wanna grow up with you. Learn to pay bills and everything that comes with responsibility. I wanna sit with you and decide what old tradition to follow, Which ones to rebel against, And create some new ones for ourselves. Forget for better for worse, I wanna go in for stupid … Continue reading 100 is Cliche


My Little Social Experiment…..

Our girl Hannah loves pink…..and she got some opinions about beauty too.

Hannah Loves Pink

One night I was on the internet watching video on YouTube when I came across random videos titled ‘What if Every Woman was Beautiful?’ and ‘Do You Think You’re Attractive?’ Both were social experiments; I have a thing for such lol…..So anyway, he went around asking random people if it is hard being a beautiful person, just to see their reactions, and their responses were unbelievably sad. So I decided to run a similar experiment and ask my friends and some random people I met on the street similar questions. To be honest, I told them I was writing a blog to make it seem like they were helping me, while all along I had plans of my own to see their reactions. A regular Sherlock Holmes I am. So this is how it went.

For the girls, I asked if it is hard being a beautiful person, while for…

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Johnny Kitt Episode 7: Home is Where the People Are.

Johnny stirred on the soft surface, he was so comfortable… He heard voices, they all seemed to blend into each other. He stirred again and a groan escaped his lips. Suddenly he felt a familiar softness on his forehead. His eyes fluttered open, and he found himself staring into Madge’s brown eyes. She gave him … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 7: Home is Where the People Are.


A letter to my family.... Do you remember? When we were ripped apart By a closed casket? As hands formed in prayer To a God who did not listen? Do you remember? How everything we knew Was buried underneath Six feet of misunderstood phrases, Thrown at us through a haze Of tears and fear? Do … Continue reading Gone….

Johnny Kitt Episode 6 Part 3: Everything We Never Knew

The chief of police, Daniel N, was having a heated discussion with a bounty hunter; one who none the less had been Johnny’s classmate. He almost laughed at the irony as he recalled the countless times he’d say “Biggie, you’ll be the death of me.” Right now, he was slumped against a tree, and Madge’s … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 6 Part 3: Everything We Never Knew

Hung Up

So it's been three weeks now That I haven't called you mine Hoping it's just space and time That you need to fall back in line.... My feelings haven't changed I have stayed engaged It's you that has changed So much I'm worried And in pain. I know we were not perfect But I thought … Continue reading Hung Up

Angels, Aliens & Superheroes 4 (Oh Brother!)

My twin brother Corin and I have seen some pretty weird stuff over the years. How weird? We once stood in sunlight and our bodies didn’t have shadows. That weird. Up until today, anyone would have said that we were simply intoxicated, even though we’ve never been on any substances before. Nevertheless, even our own … Continue reading Angels, Aliens & Superheroes 4 (Oh Brother!)