Johhny Kit Episode 6, Part 1: JUMP!

Johnny was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected the zombies to move so fast because they were…zombies. Yet he was staring at hundreds of zombies charging, half crazed and filled with a lust for violence towards the lower lawn of the hospice. Johnny was about to rush to the security center when he noticed the doctors were transfixed in their spot, their mouths stretched into soundless screams.

“Doctor!” Johnny yelled. They both jumped at the sound of his voice but remained still nonetheless. Seeing that the zombies were close by, Johnny tackled them both to the ground, scraping the skin off his elbows. A searing pain in his chest alerted him that his stab wound had burst open. He bit his lip hard to suppress the pain and stood up. He turned to the doctors.

“You need to go hide right now,” he said to the doctors, who were still on the ground. They nodded wordlessly and begun to make their ways to the other end of the hospice.

“Wait!” Johnny yelled dramatically. The taller doctor spun around, her eyes filled with fear.

“I need the keys to the security office,” he breathed out. She threw the keys at him and Johnny caught them deftly. Giving her a thumbs up, he ran to the block of offices. Johnny turned around to motion to Madge to follow him and noticed she was gone. Johnny cursed loudly; he thought she was right behind him.

Johnny’s breathing was shallow and ragged, the newly opened wound was giving him a hard time. As he caught his breath outside the office, the first thing he noticed was a strange smell. It had an acrid chemical edge to it and made him feel dizzy. The next thing he noticed was the door; it was ajar. A quick inspection of the door showed that it was not broken and neither was the lock picked. The break in was intentional. Johnny cautiously stepped into the office and let out a shrill whistle. The Security office was an incredibly high tech with top-of-the-range monitors. Each monitor was connected to an HD camera in every wing of the hospice, showing images from all the rooms. Each image was of an empty room, still and calm, the zombies had left in an ordered manner. Johnny took a quick look at the monitors, he was trying to find Madge, when he noticed another strange thing. One monitor had been disconnected from its camera and was showing a plain grey background, with the words ‘no signal’ bouncing around. His brow furrowed in confusion for a moment, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. He had more pressing matters. He sent out a distress signal over radio wave to the security detail.

“Arm yourselves with guns and batons. Team up and fight to kill,” he said grimly. “In the meantime, I’ll look for matches.”

Johnny turned around to search the filing cabinets for clues when he realized that there ought to be a guard on duty. As he looked around, he noticed a glass of water on top of the cabinet. He picked it up and gave it a tentative sniff, it had a pleasant, almost sweet aroma. The only substance that sprung to Johnny’s mind were chloroform drops, an almost instant knockout. Johnny pushed this too, to the back of his mind and returned his attention to rummaging through the drawers. He didn’t find anything of interest, but he did find an envelope marked ‘In case of emergency,’ and an aluminium baseball bat. It contained only a silver cigarette lighter. Johnny stashed it in his pocket with a boyish smile on his face, this was an emergency. As he closed the door behind him he mumbled sardonically, “Let’s rock and roll”.


By the time Johnny reached the gates of the hospice, full pandemonium had broken out. Bodies were littered everywhere, some of them zombies, and some, Johnny realized with a pang, humans. He hadn’t realized a full-scale battle had broken out, and that he missed it, he thought ruefully. Despite the heavy casualties, the fight was still in full swing. Small fires had somehow erupted all over the place, and the fight was slowly edging towards the woods encompassing the grounds of the hospice. The fires lit up the sky, which was darkening slowly and had a few stars strewn across it. He heaved a sigh; he hadn’t expected this. Suddenly, two zombies appeared out of nowhere and flew at Johnny, baring their teeth and snarling ferociously. Foam bubbled at their mouths and their eyes flashed with such a rage that Johnny had never seen. He hit one with the baseball bat, grimacing as he heard the fragile skull crack. It stumbled but came right back at him, mirroring the moves of its fellow assailants. He sidestepped and grabbed the arm of the other zombie, ripping it off completely, the effort sending stabs of pain through his body. The zombie sunk to the ground, and he finished it off with a shot from his shotgun. The sound echoed in the in the area and seemed to resound to in the air, incensing the zombies even further. More and more zombies began to charge Johnny down, forcing him to retreat into the woods. As soon as Johnny crossed the tree boundary, a hand smothered him and pulled him into the shadows.

Johnny spun around furiously and found himself staring down the barrel of a pistol.


M. Nanchengwa


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