Cheese on the Moon

Tell It Write

Today is the absolute worst day of the calendar year: the 14th of February.

Now I’m not psychic, but I know what you’re thinking. Valentine’s day – this guy is just a misfit who doesn’t seem to be able to find love. There’s a girl he’s crushing on and he simply can’t do something about it. Yes, well, while that might be partially true, the problem this year isn’t that I can’t do something about it, it’s because I did.

There are a lot of nobodies at school, but I’m glad to say I’m not one of them. The catch is I’m not one of the jocks either. I’ve always been that guy who you know but who you don’t really know, you know? And because of that, I’m not exempt from being picked on by the people who are the jocks, and some who aren’t. It may suck, but…

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