Bed Rest

Eyes dreary, mind weary
Try not to give in
Don’t want the abstract world of wonder
The imaginary world of my experiences to see me
Not yet……not just yet
I try to hold on like a man on a ledge
I feel antsy
Believe me I’m all about that fantasy
A would of all possibilities
And unfathomable capacity
Eyes heavy, my head unsteady;
Now I’m drifting in and out of consciousness
I’m not ready……not just yet
I guess we never are
Why the need to stay in the real world
And not drift into a world
With endless meaning and wonder?
Can I even fathom?
Awake but in-between the new world
And the incoherence of the real world
And now finally, I give into this weight that I’m carrying
Not worrying about the past, present or the future
Head pressed on softness as I pass out
Delirious of the memory of when and how


[Photo by ClaraDon]



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