Johnny Kitt: Ghosts of the Past & Present 3

“You’re not a ghost,” Johnny said simply. He closed his eyes and took a sharp breath in. The words came out slurred and seemed to settle on the mist.

“Open up your eyes, Johnny,” she said teasingly, in the same sultry voice.

Johnny opened one eye and looked at her disparagingly. He clicked his tongue impatiently and whispered, “Let me die in peace.” His throat suddenly felt dry and constricted; maybe he’d see Alice soon.

“I won’t let you die actually,” she said brusquely. So saying she tried to pull Johnny to his feet. Johnny pulled his hand away from her roughly.

“I don’t even know you,” Johnny mumbled.

“That’s easily sorted out,” she said cheerfully. She sat down next to Johnny and rubbed her hands together; it was getting chilly in the graveyard. Johnny looked at her, completely bemused. She was small and curvy. Johnny tried to stop himself from staring; even in the lowlight he could see the red lipstick complimenting her skin. She was beautiful….

“Leave me-” Johnny began.

“I’m not going anywhere Johnny,” she said harshly. Her tone softened down again. “I need your help”

“Who are you?” Johnny whispered.

“My name is Margarita Adriana Stiezler. I am a doctor and a research scientist,” she said quietly. Johnny looked at her, expectantly. She licked her lips and continued, “I used to work with Matthias Snyder, the doctor in charge of the research center at the Infectious Disease Diagnostics Laboratory.”

“Snyder?” Johnny growled. The name was familiar.

“Matthias was in charge of the Mutated Fungal Spore section after the outbreak,” she said, “And that, Johnny, is where you fit in.”

“I don’t understand,” Johnny said.

“Dr Snyder is also trying to work out an antidote for the zombies.” She said zombies as though it was a dirty word. Johnny racked his brain trying to remember where he heard that name. Then he remembered – Snyder was the man who did Bella’s blood test.

“He tested my sister’s blood,” Johnny said. “She was sick and said something about an odd rhesus factor, and…” Johnny sat bolt upright as realization hit him. “Snyder kidnapped Bella didn’t he?” he said quietly.

“I suspect so,” Margarita whispered. “He also betrayed me. We can help each other Johnny. What do you say?”

Johnny placed a hand on his bleeding torso “First, get me to a doctor.”

Margarita smiled a seductive smile. ” I am one, luckily.”

Johnny grunted in pain as she pulled him up. The pair of them limped into the mist, and Johnny knew he was a step closer to his goal.


▪ ↈ ۞ ↈ ▪



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