Cupid Missed: Not

If Cupid hadn’t missed
What would we be?
Would we be more than a complex mesh of almosts?
Would the winding path of thistles host daisies
Or just the withered thorns of dissatisfaction?
If the arrow hadn’t missed the heart
Would these wars waging within bring the pleasure of stars,
A Jedi nobility or Sith persuasion still?
If cupid hadn’t missed
There would still be hearts,
Not detonated death stars
Aimlessly trooping through unending storms.
If cupid hadn’t missed
There would be no poetry.
No words of wondering or questions unanswered.
Only love requited and promises declared.
If cupid hadn’t missed I would know where I stand,
Not on the dunes of Tatooine
Where sand runs out of hour glasses.
Where heroes are sheltered and destinies discovered.
If cupid hadn’t missed you would be mine,
Like Vader’s saber a perfect fit.
It wouldn’t matter that you were there,
Because your heart would have a me-shaped hole,
To match the missing picture of you on my heart’s wall.


Black Crimson


[Picture by 7hot-feanorians]


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