Clear Skies of Rain 5: Antarctica

This is after the end. We though we had been through the worst, but my family, friends and I are finding out the hard way that the struggle is far from over. These mutated animals do not quit, and the one that we were sure was done for, is back. And it's got my Uncle … Continue reading Clear Skies of Rain 5: Antarctica


Johnny Kitt: Ghosts of the Past & Present 3

"You're not a ghost," Johnny said simply. He closed his eyes and took a sharp breath in. The words came out slurred and seemed to settle on the mist. "Open up your eyes, Johnny," she said teasingly, in the same sultry voice. Johnny opened one eye and looked at her disparagingly. He clicked his tongue … Continue reading Johnny Kitt: Ghosts of the Past & Present 3

Clear Skies of Rain 4 (The Last Stand)

Everything is going in slow motion as I plummet to the ground a helpless prisoner of gravity, having already done all I could do. I jumped off a roof trying to land on the moving jeep my family and friends are in, but I went off too late, and by my calculations, I’m going to … Continue reading Clear Skies of Rain 4 (The Last Stand)

Who We Are

We are children of a different Kind, Undefined By blurred lines And abstract blocks of Thought, That refine us into a product Of expansion of time and Space We are truth seekers Free Unreigned Wild fires that spread, Onto different paths Different journeys Young and reckless Carefree but responsible Diverse Unpredictable Unimaginable We are one. … Continue reading Who We Are

The Losers

The story continues soon……

Tell It Write


I’m going to disappoint you, but you knew that already. I don’t know why you even bothered to place a modicum of trust in me, you monster. You bedazzled me with Wanda, but there’s nothing even fairly magical about you. You’re nothing but a grouch. Oscar. I bet you have one too. You let me believe I was special, and so swift, you Taylor made my wildest dreams and in ultra HD, I watched them and thought they were real. That’s how you made me feel. Like I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. You sprung out a web and told me it was a ladder. ‘Climb,’ you said. ‘Go for your happily ever after.’ And I got trapped the second I tried to step up; I thought I was elevating but I was really just dancing in a spiral. And then came the…

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Cupid Missed: Not

If Cupid hadn't missed What would we be? Would we be more than a complex mesh of almosts? Would the winding path of thistles host daisies Or just the withered thorns of dissatisfaction? If the arrow hadn't missed the heart Would these wars waging within bring the pleasure of stars, A Jedi nobility or Sith … Continue reading Cupid Missed: Not

Clear Skies of Rain 3 (Fear the Scroungers)

So It’s officially happening now. After about a month of waiting, the second wave of mutated baboon attacks has officially begun in our small town of Ladismith, Western Cape. They’re right at our front door now, slowly closing in. And I am sweating like never before. "What do we do?" Carrie Lynne asks. "We have … Continue reading Clear Skies of Rain 3 (Fear the Scroungers)

Many Days

We have yet many days But today is a gift we cherish A gift so precious we are thankful for   For our minds are too small To capture the infinity of the universe Or even the depth of the earth   We are therefore grateful For the warmth the sun brings And the crops … Continue reading Many Days

Johnny Kitt Episode 3: Ghosts of Past & Present 2

Copious mist had settled over the tombstones in Lusaka North District Cemetery. Ever since the Civil Revolution, following the First Scourge, Lusaka was less densely populated and completely reorganized. Nothing stayed the same, yet nothing seemed to change. Johnny had been slumped against a tombstone, his hip-flask empty again. He was staring at Alice's tombstone, … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 3: Ghosts of Past & Present 2