Ode to Alexandra M

What is a friend? One or two ask…

The response, as clear as mist

Words maybe spoken a little too fast

The right answer, I doubt exists

Not this to say, there aren’t any there

Specifically, one comes to mind

A heart of pure gold, soul very rare

Compassion not easy to find

So many places, these feet have been

The world I’ve traversed to and fro

So many faces, these eyes have seen

One thing I’ve now come to know

Material things, one may amass

The world is never enough

Efforts consumed by chasing; alas

By wind, it’s all blown to dust

But after it’s gone, withered, broke

There, one thing still remains

In her arms Love; in her words, Hope

Tethered with comfort and grace

What is a true friend? One or two ask

The answer, a mystery still on

But I’m finding out, with each day to pass

One’s been with me, here along


unearthed citizen

[Photo by Mariano Garcia-Gaspar]


3 thoughts on “Ode to Alexandra M

  1. Sanjay M Bhaskar says:

    Often I ask this question.. “what is a friend…” also I had wondered about one side affection which ruined the entire concept and also people who just wasted time on dwelling on someone’s soul just to withered away life… It is more than two ask.. and mystery I am still dig my head into..
    Really loved reading this… 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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