Blood is the Price 2

“Argh, just our luck!” Jenny exclaimed as she peered at the monitors connected to the security cameras.

“Don’t worry baby, these idiots are amateurs, they will pose no threat,” spoke a large biracial man. He was tall, muscular, had a heavy chin with small penetrating eyes on an intimidating face. He and Jenny stood with five other men in the security room. They all wore, with the exception of Jenny, security uniforms that they had gotten from the real security team after killing them.

“Seriously, Bruce, I don’t like the look of this man,” spoke a short athletic man, whose face was the only indication of his reckless lifestyle. His eyes were bloodshot from late night alcohol binges, his lips tarred from nicotine and his face heavily scarred-souvenirs from bar fights.

“Since when did you turn into a wimp, Jack?”

“I ain’t no wimp,” he said before clenching his fist; a learnt instinct from the bar fights.

“So, what’s the plan, Bruce?” said a well-groomed man with a shock of red hair.

Bruce smiled and spoke to a bespectacled man seated near a large computer.

“Arnold, can you hack into the club’s power system and cut the power?”

“Yes, but not without cutting the power to the whole Shopping Mall.”

“Hell no, that wasn’t part of the plan, we’ll attract the cops,” said a Chinese national.

“Look, Lee the plan has changed. Those scums weren’t supposed to be here but they are. Besides, it works to our advantage; with whole electricity load shedding business, no one will suspect a thing. It’s the perfect smokescreen.

“But they must have alternative power sources, gen-sets?” The man with red hair added.

“Not necessarily,” said Arnold. “The major share-holders of the mall have the power corporation eating out their pocket; it’s the last place that wouldn’t have power. That might have made them slightly irresponsible, and maybe they haven’t invested in alternative power sources.”

Lee shook his head. “My employers aren’t going to like this.”

“The hell with what they like, it’s either this way or no way. I won’t mess this up, I and my crew want the money, and your employers want the merchandise, right?”

Jin Lee nodded reluctantly.

“Okay, Arnold, whenever you’re ready.”

“Just give me a few minutes.”

“Okay, the rest of us get your guns and night-vision goggles ready,” Bruce said. “Who would have thought I would ever use night-vision goggles, man, you gotta love the Chinese. Hope y’all remember the YouTube tutorial on how to you use them. I don’t want any of your jokers messing this up.”

“Okay, the power is out.”

“Great!” Bruce said. “Men, let’s go cash in our jackpot.”




Luka Mwango

[To get Luka’s latest work, go to and download the novella titled ‘Twisted.’]



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