Time Isn’t Ours

Let’s not talk about

What our hearts are feeling

When our bodies are close together

As we fill in time with the L word.

See, you feel like December,

Safe and warm and all I could hope for,

You taste like Spring

Sweet and reminiscent

Of days of gold,

Only you are better,

You feel just like home,

Except a lot safer.

Don’t let me go…

I’m not strong enough to stand alone.

My heart wearies at the thought of this….

See, the story is over,

The movie has ended

The music is gone,

The hero is dead….


Thoughts roar in my head

A flood gate of bright blood red emotions

Cold as grey tears.

But I am quiet. A disheartening disposition.

Because I know that you never were

Never have been.

You were just a dream.


M. Nanchengwa

(Photo by Anastasiya Markovich)


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