I saw you as you came in

Looked like getting dressed took a while

Like you searched your wardrobe for hours

So you could find and wear that smile

Don’t worry; it isn’t obvious

I know you’re trying to mask it

But it’s killing you so softly

Like you’re in a feather casket

It gets harder each day that passes

For you to muster up enough strength

To pay attention in class

When you can’t even pay rent

You knew that life would have hurdles

But they aren’t the main event

Be strong, dear; face it head on

Don’t turn your back just yet

You know you are a champion

Don’t look at the other runners

Put wings on your paintbrush

And do life with flying colours

You owe it to yourself to be joyful

Don’t go looking between Isles

You can’t buy Happiness

But always get change with a smile

Walk with your chin up

Put a bounce in your step

The world is your stage

So take a deep breath

Open up the door

Don’t miss your cue

Go out and be Scene

The world is waiting for you


unearthed citizen

(Photo by Steve Evans from Citizen of the World – Madagascar Kids)


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