Naked & Not Ashamed

Before you, I can stripe off all of my defense system Crush all the walls of security I can even give you the password to my heart For you, I break all the chains and allow you in And take you through a tour of my palace And tell you the story of my life … Continue reading Naked & Not Ashamed


This is After The End: Clear Skies of Rain 2 (Familly Matters)

His long, wavy blonde hair and the straw hat he is always wearing give him an air of countryside insouciance, but My uncle Otto has always been a bit of a wild card. With him, especially in the heat of the moment, anything can happen. During an argument over my neighbor Roxanne's decision to go … Continue reading This is After The End: Clear Skies of Rain 2 (Familly Matters)

Johnny Kitt Episode 3; Ghosts of the Past & Present

The news blared through the speakers of a small transistor radio, which Johnny threw at the wall as soon as he heard the words, "Chief of Police." He was a sorry sight today. His long curly brown hair was unruly and unkempt. On a good day, Johnny was very handsome; he had clear hazel brown … Continue reading Johnny Kitt Episode 3; Ghosts of the Past & Present

Ode to Alexandra M

What is a friend? One or two ask... The response, as clear as mist Words maybe spoken a little too fast The right answer, I doubt exists Not this to say, there aren't any there Specifically, one comes to mind A heart of pure gold, soul very rare Compassion not easy to find So many … Continue reading Ode to Alexandra M

This is After The End: Clear Skies of Rain

The sudden silence is louder than the cacophony that rattled the place just a few moments ago. The ground feels like it is shaking as I try to still my ferociously pounding heart and calm my nerves. The other nine people with me aren’t doing much better than I, but we are alive. We are … Continue reading This is After The End: Clear Skies of Rain

Blood is the Price 2

“Argh, just our luck!” Jenny exclaimed as she peered at the monitors connected to the security cameras. “Don’t worry baby, these idiots are amateurs, they will pose no threat,” spoke a large biracial man. He was tall, muscular, had a heavy chin with small penetrating eyes on an intimidating face. He and Jenny stood with … Continue reading Blood is the Price 2

Blood is the Price

Jenny wasn’t beautiful; her forehead was slightly more pronounced, her cheeks puffy, her lips thinned and her skin difficult to maintain in the heat. However, she did have eyes that moved men to arenas of sensuality that very few women could, and an attitude that would never apologize for it. Jenny understood what many women … Continue reading Blood is the Price

Time Isn’t Ours

Let's not talk about What our hearts are feeling When our bodies are close together As we fill in time with the L word. See, you feel like December, Safe and warm and all I could hope for, You taste like Spring Sweet and reminiscent Of days of gold, Only you are better, You feel … Continue reading Time Isn’t Ours

Angels, Aliens & Superheroes 2 (Category: Other)

I have solved some pretty tough brain teasers and riddles in my time (my twin brother didn't get all the smarts to himself), but the enigma he and I discovered while investigating this space rock thing I found a few days ago is perplexing beyond measure. Here we are in the woods standing in a … Continue reading Angels, Aliens & Superheroes 2 (Category: Other)


I saw you as you came in Looked like getting dressed took a while Like you searched your wardrobe for hours So you could find and wear that smile Don't worry; it isn't obvious I know you're trying to mask it But it's killing you so softly Like you're in a feather casket It gets … Continue reading Smile