Packaged benevolence in a box
Couldn’t send it wirelessly
There isn’t enough bandwidth to transmit appreciation
For a woman that serves tirelessly
She serves tirelessly, and expects nothing in return,
She’s got Love that relaxes like a relaxer, it burns,
Love that has infinite number of factors,
Love that is the catalyst and the reactor,
It never lets go, it captures, retains,
Love that’s like the good kid that always brings Change
Love that spreads like fever,
Love that flows like a river with no beavers
So alive it breathes
Love that never falls, forget autumn leaves
Love that’s real
Love that you can touch, screen, see and feel
Love that forgets the past, doesn’t rewind,
Love that doesn’t ferment
But still gets better with time
Love that shows
Love that breeds a culture that moulds
Love that supplements
Love that causes growth
Love that doesn’t suck blood
And still never grows old
Love that doesn’t twilight, it highlights
Love that’s bottomless and still decent, in finite
Love that keeps giving and yet, it never runs dry
Love that’s there after everyone has left
Love that’s simply just right
Love that doesn’t try, it does
Love that needs its own dictionary to be defined
Love, that polishes and files
Love that runs the entire marathon
An still goes the extra mile
Love that doesn’t give up
Even when it should’ve,
When everyone else would’ve
Love that’s unlike any other, Custom
Love that keeps feeding off Jesus. Glutton
Love that airs like mike
Love I have  come to know is Love of Christ.
Thank you for Loving me
I’ll only always Love forever on from now
Happy Mother’s Day

Love, your child

unearthed citizen


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