The Lady Killer

‘the heart wants even that which is not good for it’- anonymous

Aubrey’s knocking at my door,
A door he left a long time ago
My fingers tremble, my eyes close,
I couldn’t ignore him even if I chose.
Each step I take,
Each move I make,
Towards him, one guilty of my nights awake
My mind, a mixture of both passion and disgust,
Why am I heading to one I distrust.
And as I tell myself I shall say no, I begin to seek him out all the more.
The spell he cast is so enchanting,
A tad putrid but still leaves me wanting.
I’m like a tree and he the cutter,
I grow and bloom but in the end it doesn’t matter.
This neglect I believe should be a crime,
And I strongly wished he’d had noticed in time.
Alas he did not and so is my curse,
Because for such there is little or no reimburse.
As I get closer to that door,
In my head there are scenes in which I take control.
He kneels, he pleads,
But I say no.
A smirk appears upon my face,
He seems so pathetic, weak in his disgrace.
The dashing prince that once he was,
Is stripped, tossed, trampled on and I feel no remorse.
Sadly those characters are dead,
Confined only to the costume world in my head.
I open,
He smiles
And I smile back
Oh oh, this is the beginning, just my luck.
He enters, I close the door,
And Aubrey disappears once again behind my wall.


Mercy F Zulu


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