Episode 1: Johnny Kitt Begins

Johnny leant against a tree trunk, toying with his brown tie. In between fiddling with his tie, one could glimpse the flashing of a silver blade. It wasn’t very ideal in his trade, but he did like it. Johnny could already hear the slow dead beat shuffling of feet, but he wasn’t really scared. He … Continue reading Episode 1: Johnny Kitt Begins


What Do You Want To See?

You want to look into mine eyes, What do you want to see? My brokenness? Yes, I have not figured it out yet I am not yet there Isn't it obvious? Don't look into me I am still picking up the pieces I am stitching the wounds Mending the wall Drying the tears Facing the … Continue reading What Do You Want To See?

This is After The End: Foster’s Home for Heirs (The Fours Be With You)

 Okay……so maybe coming to Rosebank wasn’t such a good idea after all. My bad. We’d gone quite a few months without any sightings of mutant animals, and I for one was glad about that record. I do not do well when I'm around them at all. I am now frozen still as the rat thing jumps … Continue reading This is After The End: Foster’s Home for Heirs (The Fours Be With You)

Butterflies: Unearthed

Here I go again, Being stripped bare, uncovered, Exposed; Unearthed...... I preferred it when I was under Everything I ever wanted; It could always be played out Confined in the boundaries of my mind I could make up whatever I wanted I could always change what I didn't like Be the director Write my own … Continue reading Butterflies: Unearthed

This is After The End: Foster’s Home for Heirs

When I tell people my story, it normally provokes a certain kind of reaction from them. Most of the times, it's a sympathetic one. I don't really mind it; I just don't like being looked upon with pity. But what I discovered after much introspection is that though I may hate pity, I still do … Continue reading This is After The End: Foster’s Home for Heirs


I could count on the stars the many times I said "I love you" And I can tell you, even when unrequited It always felt good to let someone know they're loved I also can count on all the moons I've seen all my 26years The number of times I'd pray my heart to be … Continue reading Healing

The Losers

“Bettie I'm going to disappoint you, but you knew that already. I don't know why you even bothered to place a modicum of trust in me, you monster. You bedazzled me with Wanda, but there's nothing even fairly magical about you. You're nothing but a grouch. Oscar. I bet you have one too. You let … Continue reading The Losers

Diary of a fridge, letters from a bag

"A fridge and a bag don't lie." What I put in the fridge is what I get out of it; what I put in a bag is what I get out of it. Some stuff I keep in the fridge for too long goes bad and makes it smell terrible. I've kept food in a … Continue reading Diary of a fridge, letters from a bag


Packaged benevolence in a box Couldn't send it wirelessly There isn't enough bandwidth to transmit appreciation For a woman that serves tirelessly She serves tirelessly, and expects nothing in return, She's got Love that relaxes like a relaxer, it burns, Love that has infinite number of factors, Love that is the catalyst and the reactor, … Continue reading Mom….


For a long time my heart was engraved with your name My love story ending shattered by distance Distance is the length between us Let’s go back to the beginning where meeting was just a mere coincidence Falling in love a dream Love once carried in our hearts is just a memory Memory of what … Continue reading Distance….