Tell it right…er-hem, I mean write

What is it about reading? Some don’t do it enough, some can’t get enough of it. Whichever side of the coin you lie, even the rim, I think a lot of people who have more or less made it it life will agree that they wouldn’t have got there without paging through some form of literature. There is something magical about the way books open worlds which may have been previously unknown to us, but there is something even more magical about the stories that can do that, except in a fraction of the time. Who’s got all day to read books anyway, right? Okay, just kidding. But on that note, while short stories may not achieve everything that full length novels can, they still do a gnarley job at sparking the imaginations of the young and old alike, and the best part is that wildfire can burn all it likes and still be put out long before your lunch break is over. Tell It Write aims to do just that. Ignite minds long enough to make a difference, but still in the constraints of busy daily schedules. So while you’re doing all you need to do, live a little more. Read a short story.


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