This is After The End: Johannesburg Lost

I just had to do it, didn't I? Ignore my instincts and come out here into the open, only because of a small voice that told me it was my only chance to escape. The same voice that I now feel betrayed by. What I thought was rescue aircraft was probably just a clever ploy … Continue reading This is After The End: Johannesburg Lost


I Write……

"I write......not because I love my handwriting or the smell of fresh paper, not because it is influential and certainly not because I can. I write because there is a thriving existence bursting in my mind, and it seeps out whenever and however it pleases." ~e.n~

The Cycle

We are beings of fire Born from ashes Never ending, never begining Never seeking, never finding, Almost searching, still beseeching, Asking you to stop Looking Staring Regarding Regardless of the fact That I am here, I am a creature that died Floundering in the ashes of my crashes And head on collides. Ndakali kabotu.... I … Continue reading The Cycle

Tell it right…er-hem, I mean write

What is it about reading? Some don't do it enough, some can't get enough of it. Whichever side of the coin you lie, even the rim, I think a lot of people who have more or less made it it life will agree that they wouldn't have got there without paging through some form of … Continue reading Tell it right…er-hem, I mean write